27 May 2018
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  Research Team

Our cognitive and movement researcher team is an interdisciplinary team with strong and qualified researchers. The aim of center is to prepare suitable circumstances for internal and external researchers. According to the delegations from the research council, we are responsible to support projects, which are in the aim and scope of team.

Dean and Director:

sakineh Goljarian, MS PT

Research Team Members:

Mir Ali Eteraf Oskouei, PhD, PT

sakineh Goljarian, MS PT

Majid Khalili,PhD

Mazyar Hashemilar,MD

Alireza Farnam,MD

Gisou Mohaddes,PhD


Posted on   سه شنبه سیزدهم ارديبهشت 1390  Time  10:57   by   امین حسنی زنوزی Rehabilitation Faculty