27 May 2018
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  The Clinic of Speech Therapy
This clinic was founded in 2007 on-campus of the faculty of rehabilitation, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. It is located in the registrar and educational building right next to the Speech Lab.

Main aim of the clinic is to give the rehabilitation services to patients suffering from speech, language and swallowing disorders. Besides, speech therapy students spend many hours in this clinic to complete their practical courses.

Facilities and equipment:
This clinic is one of the well-equipped clinics in Iran. To make a quite environment, walls of the clinic have made from acoustically isolating materials, and windows are acoustically designed to reduce the outside noise up to 40 dB. The walls have been painted with sound anti-reflex material to further noise elimination.
The clinic of the speech therapy has 3 rooms for assessing and treating patients and a waiting hall and one conference room for student-teacher meetings. Rooms are furnished regarding patients’ physical and age demands.
A variety of soft- and hard-wares are available for speech and voice analysis and biofeedback trainings.
Additionally, there is an enjoying play ground for children near to the clinic.