27 May 2018
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  Speech and language and hearing Sciences

Speech pathologists assess and treat disorders of communication in areas such as speech, voice, language and fluency.

Clients include children who fail to develop normal communication and people who acquire communication problems as a result of disease or injury such as stroke. A person's ability to communicate may also be impaired because of disabilities such as hearing loss, brain damage, intellectual disability, stuttering, malfunction of the speech or respiratory organs, or emotional disturbances. In addition, speech pathologists work with clients who have feeding or swallowing problems.


The department of Speech, Language and Hearing science provides four years Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech Therapy. Students study communication disorders and interventions   in different population. They also have 2 years of internship in diverse areas of disorders. After graduation, they may work as speech therapists in Schools, Hospitals and other places where speech therapy services are offered. In addition, our curriculum enables students to succeed in Master of Science Entrance Exam.