27 May 2018
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  Research Abilities
 The departments of Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Orthotics and Prosthetics are effectively working on different research projects. Their aim is to gain more knowledge on the rehabilitation sciences. Scientific interaction with other departments and research centers is a priority in this faculty. Some research facilities are as follow:

1- Biomechanics Lab:

A Hubber device, one Isokinetic dynamometer and a digital weighing machine are used in this lab. Different studies on proprioceptive training and balance is possible via Hubber device.
Model Cybex isokinetic instrument of the lab is one of the modern research instruments in the country. It has a broad application in assessment and treatment of the sport injuries. This instrument quantitavely measures many parameters such as strength, power or torque of muscles. Nowadays, one important index of professional athletes’ readiness to back to sport activities is their isokinetic features. With this instrument assessment and recognition of the biomechanical changes led by peripheral muscles power and endurance imbalance becomes possible.

2- Sport equipment:

Usual and advanced sport equipment like quadriceps chair, treadmill (model Enraf, Nonius and fit Club) with speedometer, distance, time and slope determining mechanism, static bicycle (model Cardio Mag and Bremshey) with pulse rate counter, calorie meter, distance measuring and speedometer are available in this lab. These instruments are applicable in athletic training and cardiovascular rehabilitation.

3- Advanced treatment modalities:

A variety of advanced clinical and research instruments exist in the faculty including Vasotrain, Ultra sound set, LASER, different electro therapy devices. This equipment is useful to study the pain reduction, reduction of inflammation and swelling of the joint and soft tissue, wound healing in soft tissues, bone fracture, cartilage injuries, increasing muscle strength and endurance, reducing spasm and spasticity.

To introduce the research interest and background of the faculty professors and possible collaboration, their dissertation and thesis are introduced below:

-Dr. Mir Ali Eteraf Oskouei, assistant professor from the University of Calgary, Canada has completed his dissertation and post-doctoral fellowship in muscle biomechanics.

Future researches:

Aiming to develop the labs and post graduate programs in the faculty, the authors are planning to establish new labs for electrophysiology, occupational and sport physiology, balance and gait analysis in the near future.

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